We are the link between your data and your business

Our own Xamalink platform was developed to extract the data from your production and administrative processes to make it available for automation and analysis.

Our product

The Xamalink Platform

Remote Access

Our Xamalink router enables you to eastablish a connection to your machines in a simple and secure way, regardless of their location.

Remote Control

Our IPC solution gives you access to your machines for setup and remote maintenance purposes. This helps to save costs and increases uptime.

Data Extraction and -Analysis

Our Xamalink platform offers you access to machine and process data for analysis and automation.

Business Integration

Thanks to universal interfaces, our platform can be easily integrated into your system landscape and enables the linking to your business data and company processes.

Our Framework

The Xamalink RAD Framework

Our homegrown Xamalink Framework allows us to develop and implement standardized business solutions in the shortest possible time building on the Rapid Application Development principle. It is the basis for the development of our products and the foundation for standardized individual solutions.

Our Advantages

Features of the Xamalink Platform


Encrypted communication

Responsive Design

On-Prem, Hybrid and Cloud


Modular Structure

Universal Interface


Simple Customizing

Integrated Analytics


Our Blog


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